How To Choose a Right Moisturizer For Your Skin?

The stratum corneum is the outer layer of the skin and the largest. It helps in the protection of other organs hence it is essential to take care of it. It is responsible for either healthy or unhealthy skin depending on the amount of water taken. The stratum corneum can store a significant amount of water contained in a mortar which has fatty acids and lipids. Your skin may itch or be unattractive at times because the stratum corneum is dry and the only way to take care of it is to use a moisturizer. The moisturizer assists the skin in water supply hence making it attractive. Not all moisturizers are good therefore there are tips to be employed when choosing.

Skin type appropriateness

People have various skin types, either oily, dry or normal. Depending on your skin type, you will use different moisturizers. Some experts say that for dry skin, a thick ointment is good, while for normal skin creams and lotions are a good match for oily skin.

Texture and after application

Texture and after applicationThe thickness of a moisturizer is connected to the skin type too. During use, its thickness and how it feels after the application are crucial factors to consider. For normal skin type, light, non-greasy may do whereas for dry skin a heavier one will do best. For the normal skin, the light and the non-greasy product helps in the maintenance of normal moisture balance of the skin. For dry skin, the product helps in the trapping of moisture. If after applying you do not feel comfortable, then you have to change the moisturizer and get something else.

Added sunscreen

Protecting the skin from harmful sun rays is vital. When purchasing a moisturizer consider the sun protector factor. If it is available, then you can buy it and let it be at least 30. Apply it every day for better results. For you to look young and pretty then you have to consider this.

Essential ingredients

To make your dry skin glow, your moisturizer should contain some elements for better results. The active ingredients to look for in a moisturizer are lanolin, glycerin, and petrolatum. Apart from considering the components, the manufacturer’s reputation is also crucial. The company is important to avoid any cases of skin rashes or other problems.

Go through the labels

Go through the labelsIn case you want to acquire more information about the moisturizer, you have to read the label carefully. Products labeled allergy tested may not result in allergic reactions while those marked non-comedogenic may not clog pores. Though they are not a guarantee since the skin may still irritate for some, but for others, it may work well.


When purchasing the moisturizer, its scent is significant. As you apply it, each time you will get the smell. It may irritate you at times hence there is a need to consider before choosing. At the boutique or the shopping center, you may have a whiff before purchasing. For those with sensitive skin type, non-scented moisturizer is advisable to avoid any later problems.