Dental Veneers

Once upon a time, I wanted to meet this gorgeous ginger girl who I usually ran into at the coffee shop.

We sat together a couple of times and chit-chat about coffee, weather, and normal stuff but somehow it felt awkward because she stared at me in a way no other person did.

I found my inner self-bragging about the situation when suddenly, on a regular Wednesday trip to my usual americano, she came to me and started incisively and started to come closer and closer to my face.

That’s when I realized that she wasn’t into me or anything like that: she was a dentist and wanted to take a closer look at my teeth. Why? She knew I’m very fond of coffee and when a person loves caffeine just as me it is normal to obtain a light brown color on the surface of teeth so that sums up as a possible client.

Anyhow, thanks to her approach (got to admit it, it was very, very clever) remembered that my last check up was (let’s say) a while ago. And as picky as I am I intended to do my research in order to get the best deal and treatment (yes, you nail it, after all, it was with the ginger).

Besides the routine cleanup and a little more complex treat (wisdom teeth), I wanted to explore options that would ensure my teeth health for years to come. That’s when I got to know the dental veneers.

The dental veneers are custom made thin porcelain laminates that cover the front of the teeth hence improving the appearance and other issues. A composite material instead of porcelain has been used in recent history in some procedures (thus increasing or decreasing the cost).

I’m well aware that I don’t need them but I found the treatment intriguing because it fixes many problems if you have been a little forgetful about your dental health in your recent history.

Whenever you suffer from discolored, stains, excessive resin fillings, worn down, chipped, misalignment (or gaps) teeth you should ask for a diagnosis and start planning a treatment that would help you avoid uncomfortable situations and more painful procedures if not tackled at the time.

The procedure normally takes various trips to the dentist near me (one consultation and two or three sessions). Once the diagnosis is been done and the rigorous explanation is given (always try to ask for the more information possible) you will prepare for your Doral dentist to remove a 1/2 mm of enamel from the surface that would be substituted by the veneer. Yes, the veneer will be added to the tooth surface in order to correct shape, structure, and aspect and to make you smile again.

Before applying the “permanent” veneer (their run goes between 5 to 15 years in some cases), the dentist needs to clean and polish the tooth. Then, when the special cement is applied and the veneer is set in place the bite is evaluated for any adjustments and check the response of the gums.

This procedure brings a more natural appearance and doesn’t require other treatments like crowns do. However, it is more costly because of the materials and needs more care and precautions since it is not a reversible process (so that means that if they chip are not reparable): this means no more anxiety attacks biting nails or enjoying a delightful pencil or pen cap.

The dentist is aware of the attractiveness of the procedure but they can’t encourage it because not everyone is a perfect candidate. The ideal candidate should be a person with neither gum disease or with weakened teeth, and those who suffer from sensitiveness to hot and cold foods need to acknowledge that they would need more precautions than ever.

The bondings and crowns are alternatives to the porcelain veneers, and they offer an intermediate solution for people who want to take care of the shape and appearance of their teeth. When braces are not suitable or the problem is not that big, they offer a great repair.

Let’s remember this offers a more “aesthetic” solution to a health problem because offers a more “picture- perfect” smile. Hence the price sometimes is above many dental insurances. Sometimes the cost for a single veneer could go between $500 (average cost of composite) to $1500 (average cost of porcelain). Make the math.

Always remember that a specialist point of view is needed, don’t take for granted any issue regarding your dental health.

By the way, that ginger dentist owes me a dinner since our last session auto mit motorschaden verkaufen.